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ChiFRA 2016 AGM

A quorum not being possible at 19.00, a second call for the meeting was made at 19.30 and the meeting proceeded with those present.


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Home arrow Home arrow ChiFRA 2016 AGM
ChiFRA 2016 AGM
Monday, 04 May 2015

A quorum not being possible at 19.00, a second call for the meeting was made at 19.30 and the meeting proceeded with those present.

33 members were present.

The President, Dave Fisher, welcomed the members and thanked them for coming.

The minutes of the last AGM were approved unanimously, with no objections, and were proposed by Elle Webb and seconded by Jackie Windle.

The Treasurer’s report – the Treasurer, Terry Waghorne, reported that the current balance was 2843 euros, we had debts of 1197 euros, and the balance remaining was 1646 euros.  We have just gained access to the bank account again.  The President, Dave Fisher, stated the money was mainly used for the costs of the website, and confirmed that we have had many problems in gaining access to our bank account.

The President’s report.

This has been a very busy time for us.  Stefan Schauer, at the Ayuntamiento, has been a great help to our members resolving problems with IBI and basura payments.

There are many changes to the law now and will be more in the future.  AUAN, supported by SOHA, have been instrumental in amending laws which will affect all of the 2 million “illegal” properties in Spain; a), regarding obtaining compensation before demolition, and b), yesterday (20 July 2016), decree 2/2012 was passed which means that people outside of the PGOU plan will have access to basic amenities, ie electricity, water and sewage.  A warning was issued to get legal advice before getting the AFO which permits this as there are problems connected with it, because it will not allow alterations or additions to the property,  only maintenance,  nor rebuilding in the case of damage,  For example,  in Mijas recently, there were 187 properties destroyed by fire and they cannot be rebuilt.

The PGOU of Chiclana is currently with the Junta, who may wait for other laws to change before approving it.  (ie, at present, it is not possible to legalise “illegal” houses by means of a PGOU, for which there is a law going through at present to change this, although it may take some time as there are some 16 steps required to change any law).

AUAN have spent some 266,000 euros in legal fees so far to get these laws changed, and are also trying to change the Catastral laws to make them fit for purpose – for example, there is no obligation for the Catastral to declare any debts on the house. Also, there are plans to ensure that unsegregated plots are able to be segregated (not legal in Spain at present).

Renting properties – there are substantial new laws regarding the rental of properties for short term lets; it is essential to get good legal advice.  Some houses have already received licences but the requirements are quite complicated.

Clausa suelo – it has been declared that the imposition of a minimum interest rate on mortgages is illegal. (This also covers deposits made on off plan purchases.)  Banks now have to repay overpayments.  It is, again, essential to consult a solicitor as only one application for repayment can ever be made.  There are some new companies being set up to help but their costs are in the region of 35% of the compensation.

The ChiFRA website is still up and running and will continue.

There was an automatic re-appointment of committee members; one committee member has stood down.  A plea for new members to help was made but with no response.

Plans for the coming year – things will go on much as usual.  There will be a slowing down of information, particularly as the new laws are coming into effect.

AOB – A question was raised re the AFO and how it might affect house insurance.  The President stated that you should make sure that there is no clause that you need to obtain a licence to rebuild before insurance is paid out.  You need to check your insurance and consult a solicitor if necessary.

The committee were thanked for all their hard work.


The meeting was closed at 19.45pm.


CKG 24.07.16 (amended version 01.08.16)



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