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Cadizcasa newsletter 13
Thursday, 04 September 2014

Well, the summer has been a smash on long term rentals and sales but pretty disappointing on holiday rentals. The Spanish press are talking about significant drops in tourism this year and the people who matter and who really know what is happening, the owners, the agents, the bars and the local businesses are also saying that things are poor compared to previous years.


 We have certainly seen returning clients looking for deals this year and booking for less days than in previous years. As any of the cleaners will tell you, the kitchens have been used more this year than ever before as people cut back on eating out to trim the holiday budget.

Spain still remains one of the most popular holiday destinations so next year, we have to consolidate, offer good service and good deals and go the extra mile if we want to get the business back. I suspect it is just a blip in the market and as yet, we need not panic.

Sales are buoyant but only at the right price. Lending is patchy and expensive and few clients have large deposits to put down but the market is moving and that is the most important thing. We have seen sales right across the board but the most popular sector is still between 100 and 150K. Likewise, we have seen a big rise in long term rental this year which is continuing in to bookings for 2015. Prices have held steady on long term rental and the quality of clients is good but it is still imperative to use a good agent. We have sadly had two or three clients this year who went it alone and ended up with problems. Long term rental is not even similar to holiday letting, there are more rules and red tape and more to go wrong so make sure you protect yourself.

In this issue we have a great article by James Baxter on the money markets, an insight in to Alpaca farming in southern Spain with Alan Park and a couple of articles, the first on the Jews returning to Spain after thousands fled due to persecution in Medieval times and the second on whether the Spanish Royal family are set to crash and burn amidst a sea of criminal charges, sex allegations and claims to the throne by illegitimate off spring.


I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Lesley McEwan, MD, Cadizcasa

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