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Renewal of Residency Cards
Written by Kirstin Swinnerton   
Tuesday, 28 October 2008

When you originally arrived in Spain to live, in all probability, you applied for and obtained a Residency Card as a Foreign Resident (Tarjeta de Residencia de Extranjeros) with a 5 year expiration period. The Card should be renewed within a one month prior to the expiry date. However, the system has now changed and instead of a card you will now receive a Certificate without an expiry date. (This only applies to British Citizens, on the basis that the UK Government is not in agreement vis-a-vis ID cards! )

How to obtain your Certificate:

Before you go: - You will need to take a copy of your passport (Detail/photo page only)

Proceed to the Main Police Station in Cadiz, (use the main entrance and the Oficina de Extranjeros is just inside on the right.) Wait outside the door until called forward.

Be prepared for a lack of English by the clerk(s) behind the desk, however, the system is very straightforward - so don't be put off doing it on your own. The whole process should only take you 30-40 minutes depending on queues!

Request "renueva de tarjeta de residencia".

You will need to give them your current Residency Card and Passport (originals), so they can fill in their bit. (They will hand them straight back.)

They will then hand you 2 forms:

a) Centro Gestor, Modelo 790, TASA Codigo 012 (triplicate copy)

b) Solicitud de Certificado

And send you away!

Form a) Sign and date in the relevant boxes at the bottom of the page, only. Then take it to the Bank (next door there is a Cajasur) and pay the relevant tax to the cashier 6,80 euros (Aug 2008). The Cashier will stamp the relevant pages retaining a copy and pass the other 2 pages back to you.

Form b) Complete part 1. only, then sign and date at the bottom of the page where required. (The printing is small on the form, so glasses maybe needed!)

Return to the Police Station and await your turn.

Hand over Forms a) and b) and a copy of your passport.

The clerk will check the forms and put the information straight onto the computer and finally print out your Certificate. It will be officially stamped and off you go. (You can keep your old card, remembering it does show an expiry date.)

No photographs are required, nor will there be any attached to your Certificate.

NB: The Certificate states that in any legal situation it requires a form of photo ID to accompany it. For example: driving licence, passport, or any other legally approved photo ID.

It is possible to go to your local Police Station and request that a colour copy of your Passport be stamped by them. You must provide to them the colour copy plus your original. This could alleviate the necessity to carry around your actual Passport. However, if you are stopped whilst driving you must always have your Driving Licence, a stamped copy (of Licence or Passport) would not suffice! However, some Police are less than enthusiastic about the "copy" arrangement



# Norman McCarthy 2010-02-06 20:50 juan,
could i suggest info for members on the funerel proceeds here in spain and approximate costs involved.have heard many stories that worry many members and if this issue could be a little clearer for us ex pats,im sure it would help.
pauline mccarthy
# Dennis Rolfe 2012-07-11 09:19 My wife and I came to Spain late in 2007 and obtained NIE registration in Cadiz and were each given a green certificate (no photo card) and understood it would be renewable in 5 years. Our understanding is that in 2008 it was announced that it was unnecessary to renew the NIE. We also thought the NIE acted as our 'Residencia'? We are now hearing that regular renewal is necessary and there have been changes to the regulations. Can you please clarify the current situation? Thank you.

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