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How to cast your vote
Written by Yvonne Ferrier   
Tuesday, 10 May 2011

On Sunday May 22 polling stations will be open to voters from 9am through to 8pm.
You are entitled to vote in the Chiclana municipal elections provided you have registered on the pardon and on the voting register. You can check that you are able to vote and where your local polling station is at the oficina del censo next to the tourist information office.

On election day go to your polling station taking with you an official form of photographic identity, for example a passport or driving licence. If you have the paper version of the residency card it is not suitable as it does not contain your photograph.

In the polling station you will find a table with piles of white voting slips. There will be one for each party listing all their candidates. Pick up a slip for the party you wish you to vote for, you do not need to select or mark any of the candidates, if you do your vote will be void. Place the slip in one of the white envelopes that are provided and take it to the voting desk. You will be asked for your identity document and your name will be checked against the voting register. Once they have confirmed your identity you will be asked to place your vote in the ballot box.

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