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Careers Service
Tuesday, 22 February 2011

At Active Language we understand that finding a teaching job after the TESOL course is nearly always of paramount importance to trainees and we are ideally positioned to help you achieve your goals.

Finding teaching work within Spain:

For graduates we are able to offer unrivalled employment connections throughout Spain and especially in Andalusia. Schools in Spain are actively looking for teachers and there are currently more jobs than teachers, which places all of our graduates in an excellent position.The overwhelming majority of graduates who are looking for work in Spain are successful.

We are proud of the quality teachers who come through our courses, proud of our membership of regional (ACEIA) and national associations (FECEI) and networks and, most importantly, proud to be confident in your ability to find work.

So confident are we that we are delighted to be able to offer guaranteed job offers* for successful graduates of the TESOL course at reputable schools within Spain. And this doesn’t stop at the end of the course; the Active Language Careers Service is always available to our graduates and we actively look to provide as much post-course support as we can.

We also provide:

  • Individual interviews to look at your personal employment goals
  • Individual CV/Résumé consultations
  • Comprehensive schools listings
  • Jobs board – regularly updated with job adverts
  • Careers library – stocked with books, articles, country profiles, job hunting resources
  • Detailed listings of TEFL internet sites
  • Job search tips – where to look and how to apply
  • Advice on contracts, visas and other bureaucratic issues
  • Network of graduates and other TEFL professionals for advice and recruitment help

Following the course we actively provide our graduates with advice and support:

  • Prompt and personalised references – this can be vital in securing your teaching position
  • Regular email updates on job offers
  • Free professional development


*Guaranteed job offer

We guarantee this offer to be within a respectable, honest and professional school with which we have a significant connection (be it through ACEIA, FECEI or other professional networks, associations or organisations). This is only open to EU citizens or those non-EU citizens with legal permission to work within the EU. It is only open to those who obtain a grade B or above overall. It is not the guarantee of a job, it is the guarantee of at least one firm job offer which you may decide to accept or decline. This is only open for those recent graduates looking for work for the duration of the academic year.

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