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Gas Scam
Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Be alert - Gas men calling asking for exorbitant amounts of money

The Municipal Office of Consumer Information Office (OMIC) has warned about spurious companies, which are once again calling unannounced, telling the householder they are performing a “mandatory” review of gas installations in houses. OMIC warns that they will try to charge exorbitant prices. 

OMIC also asks householders to remember that:-

All users are required to have their facilities reviewed; every four years for piped gas or every five years for bottled gas. To prevent consumers from becoming victims of a scam related to the revision of its gas system, citizens have both obligations and rights.

* Obligations of the supplier:  

  •  Notify the owners and users of their obligations to review the gas facility
  •  Have a consultation service, also a claims and damages service
  •  Have a technical support service to maintain the installation.
  •  Take a survey of users, showing all system data and results from the regular check-ups.
  •  Keep up to date insurance policies to be determined by regulation.
  •  After any review, they must make a certificate in triplicate giving the original to the user, and also sending a copy to the gas supply company.

* Obligations of users:

  •  Keep the gas facilities in perfect condition, having a formal periodic check every four or five years depending upon the type of installation. 
  •  Have a certificate confirming the installation has been reviewed within the last five years, performed by an authorised company.


The choice is yours - to comply with the requirement to review their facilities, you can go to any installation company approved by the Department of Industry and check prices, being wary of any callers at your door offering any services that you have not requested.




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