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Town Planning Department Gives Green Light to Legalisation
Monday, 24 May 2010

From Viva Chiclana 18.05.10 Translated by Vicky Atherton

In an extraordinary meeting of the Town Planning Department, which took place last week, the decision was taken to begin the legalisation process in Chiclana with immediate effect. Town planning delegate Cándida Verdier said that the decision was a step towards fulfilling the aims of the plan to legalise homes in the town which was approved last March and came into force a few weeks ago.

According to Verdier, after the plan was approved, residents of Chiclana asked that a study should be carried out by the Town Hall detailing the individual costs to be paid. It was also the wish of residents that a preliminary plan outlining the work which will need to be carried out also be made available. Verdier explained; "In order that no one is excluded from the legalisation process, such as those who currently have disciplinary or judicial proceedings pending with regard to their property or those who are lacking the necessary licence, it has been agreed that this plan should be seen as a way for people in these situations to find a solution to their circumstances."

She went on to say; “The main objective is that no one is left out of this process - which will still be voluntary - and from now on anyone who wishes to do so may begin the process." The delegate described the decision as the culmination of the local government's commitment to the citizens of Chiclana. In order to allow the work to be carried out the town has been divided into nine separate areas. The necessary work will be carried out in each section and will begin in the area deemed to be most convenient and will be based on the demand for legalisation in each individual sector.

The Town Hall also wishes to expedite the process for those who find themselves facing legal or disciplinary proceedings or those who have been threatened with demolition.  Verdier urged those who may find themselves in this position to ´start the legalisation process with the legal assurance that the demolition will not be carried out.'

She wished to assure the citizens of the town that; " The Town Planning Department is working very hard to, little by little, to make headway in a situation which nobody said was simple". Verdier added; "We have already sent 38 requests to both Chiclana Natural and Endesa, and a further 30 are in the pipeline, on behalf of those seeking reliable information regarding the infrastructure in the area. This shows that there is a real eagerness for the process to be started immediately." 

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