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Water Issues
Written by John Mills   
Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My neighbours were in the process of selling their house. One of the potential buyers was Spanish, who understood the system/process and wanted everything to be perfect. (In the end they did not proceed, but this was due to a tragedy within the family, nothing to do with legal formalities.) 

My neighbours had been paying the Chiclana Natural (“CN”) water bill for years, even though it was in the name of the original (finca) owners, and due to the potential buyer’s attention to detail, they decided to arrange for the water bill to be in their name, so as to ensure a smooth transition to the new owners.  

So they went to CN with a simple request to change the name of the party to be billed. Not so simple! Before CN would make the change they said that my neighbours must have a “certificate” for the installation (from the pipe in the road through to their property – even though this connection is technically outside their property).CN duly sent an Inspector who advised that the connection required remedial work including a new metal cover (which had been stolen) before they would issue the requisite certificate.  

This work was completed, at a cost of approx. EUR200, but CN would still not issue the certificate advising there was a new rule requiring anyone with town water must have a specific type of “new” septic tank, not the old “soak away” type. (I do not know the technical specifications for the new tank – but can probably obtain them.)  

To cut a long story short, the new tank cost EUR2,500 to be installed, plus EUR400 to CN for their inspector to approve the installation/ issue the required certificate.  

My neighbours may have been among the first to encounter these new “rules” as the installation was photographed from a helicopter and (I am told) the picture is behind the counter in the CN office.  

Be aware

John Mills






# Glynis Elliot 2010-05-20 20:40 Interesting story. I did put something on mycadiz a while ago with something like this which I had heard.

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