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Twenty Eight People Detained for Resisting Authorities During Demolition of Ten Illegal Houses
Tuesday, 22 December 2009

From Diario Bahía de Cádiz 21/12/2009 Translated by Bob Hamilton

DemolitionChiclana City Council has not waited any longer. Throughout Monday morning, despite neighborhood opposition and resistance, which already postponed the demolition last Friday, a company specialising in demolitions razed a ten house development in Majadillas Bajas, homes that were built illegally in order to sell.  The builder violated numerous municipal requirements on different occasions.

The demolition, according to municipal sources was made in the presence of Guardia Civil and Local Police, who detained 28 people, for resisting arrest; individuals who, after giving evidence, were released throughout the morning.

Relatives of the builder refused to leave the homes and were evicted, including some who climbed onto the roofs of the houses and had to be brought down by members of the security forces. There were no injuries.

The ten homes were built for speculative purposes by a local family business. Although in early 2007 the developer was notified it to stop construction, he continued it. Nor did he stop even though he knew he could not sell them due to a notation on the registration record.

Faced with the imminent demolition, in recent weeks the family left the homes, however, rented them to others without informing them that the houses would be demolished shortly. These people, without means to leave, have been taken care of by the City Council, through the departments of Housing and Social Welfare.

This illegal development in a suburb of Chiclana, had it reached the market, could have been sold for about 3 million Euros, according to estimates by the Urban Planning Department.

Court No. 3 Administrative-Litigation of Cadiz authorised the demolition of these houses, a measure which was to be completed by the 26th. The City Council had previously asked the developer to carry out the demolition himself, but he did not. The demolition was therefore completed by the authorities and the cost was put on those who acted illegally.

The demolition of these houses in no way interferes – emphasised the tripartite – with negotiations that the City Council and the parties affected by the process of urbanisation of the Basic Management Areas that have been carried out for months. "Solving this situation is the purpose of the ordinances on which we are working. This is not the case for which they are intended, as the now demolished homes were not existing homes but a development for selling, trying to enjoy the property boom of recent years.”  insisted the local government.


The developer who built these ten houses for sale had orders from on 6 September 2007.  This is more than two years ago, during the tenure of mayor Ernesto Marin and Urbanisation Department Head José Pedro Butrón.

Moreover, the builder of the ten illegal dwellings knew since early 2007, when the construction was in its first phase, that he could not sell these houses and that he was to restore legality by demolishing them.  However, they continued with the construction to completion, including a street to access them.

It was in February 2007, almost three years ago, when inspectors from Urban Planning Management denounced the lack of the necessary building permit the building for these houses that were being built on a plot of 4,700 square meters.


The photos show the initial state of the plot, without any construction in 2005 and in 2007, with construction begun, at which point the developer was told to stop work immediately. Furthermore, at this point, the Land Registry put a restriction/notation on the registration in order to prevent the sale of houses that were being built so that the continuation therefore made no sense. Despite all this, knowing he would not be able to sell the houses, the manufacturer continued speculation, six times breaking the seals that were placed by the Administration to stop the work.

Since the obligatory procedures were completed in June 2008, the demolition was ordered at the promoter’s expense. To carry out the demolition, permission was solicited and received from the court to enter the house (a necessary step from a legal standpoint).  On 13 November 2008, with permission granted, the deadline was set for December 26, 2009 for the destruction of the housing.  

Finally, on Monday 21 Dec. they were pulled down.


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