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Voting in Spain
Written by Leslie Constable   
Saturday, 04 July 2009

If you are registered as a resident of Chiclana, you are entitled to vote at Local and European Parliament elections.

To be registered you need a ‘Volante de Empadronamiento’ which is obtained from the Ayuntamiento office at present located at 3 Calle de la Plaza. Take your Escritura, N.I.E. and passport for each individual and they will issue the certificates.

At the same time you can ask for a ‘Reclamacion al Censo Electoral’ to be completed which is your application to be included on the electoral roll for ‘foreigners’.

You will be notified by the Council as to which Polling Station to attend but at the time of an election, you will need to check that you are included on the ‘foreigner’ list posted at the Polling Station, if not, ask to be directed to the ‘official office’ which is open on the day of voting to deal with any problems.


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