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Do you need to carry your insurance documents with you at all times?
Monday, 27 April 2009
From motorterra.es Translated by Andrew brown 
Since last October new legislation does away with the requirement to always have with you proof of payment of a current insurance policy. This is thanks to the principle that no-one is obliged to produce to the authorities any document which can be found in public records, and the obligation to check if a vehicle is insured falls upon the authorities. This has received little publicity and may come as a surprise. It appears that DGT is not happy to publicise it and the press release that announced it was mainly to do with the penalties for driving without insurance  and other offences. It seems that DGT still recommends keeping insurance documents with your other papers such as your driving licence and the car registration documents which do have to be produced upon request. 

It may no longer be an offence not to have proof of insurance actually in your car but for the time being it may still be sensible to do so.



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