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Order for Demolition of Another House Situated in Pago De Melilla
Wednesday, 18 March 2009
From Diario de Cádiz 17th march 2009 – Translated by Andrew Brown

In the next few days Chiclana Council could carry out the demolition of another house in the area. The house, against which there is a judicial order for demolition, is located in the area known as Pago de Melilla, between Novo Sancti Petri and El Sotillo.

The property, with an area of 120 sq m on a plot of 1 500 sq m is in a zone classified as non-urbanisable land which is protected in the interests of agriculture

The building, of 120 sq m is on a plot of 1 500 sq m and on land classified as non-urbanisable, and protected for agricultural purposes.

According to sources in the Council, it will have to carry out the demolition because it has been ordered to do so by the Court.

The file relating to the house goes back to 2003, the year when the original denuncia was made by the Council’s Technical Department, who found the construction at the stage of laying the foundations. However, as in other cases, building work was not stopped but continued until the house was completed. On 27th February of this year the Council were ordered by the Court to demolish it.

The demolition, which is expected to take place in the next few days, is the second to take place in this area this year. Last week the first demolition was carried out in respect of a house in the Marquesado area of Chiclana. On that occasion the Council proceeded, under a Court order, to demolish a property belonging to Juan Utrera, a resident of Medina Sidonia. As happened with the house in Pago de Melilla, the builders of the house which was demolished - in Majada de los Chivos - did not stop work on the house when asked. In October 2007 the Urbanisation Delegate proposed the demolition, which was then approved by the Mayor a month later.

After asking the proprietors to demolish the house themselves, and their failing to do so, the Delegate sought an order from the Court authorising the Council to do it. The demolition took place last Thursday.

One can add that as Cándida Verdier, the Council Delegate for Urbanismo, indicated to this newspaper, these may well not be the last demolitions which will be carried out against illegal properties.

The article was followed by this comment:

The majority of illegal houses in Chiclana will not be demolished, according to the Council. The carrying out of plans for the Áreas de Gestión Básica will make possible the legalisation of some 15 000 homes and will permit them to be connected to basic essential services – at the cost of the owners. Figures suggest that, according to the Council, 99% of the illegal homes will be left standing. In this respect the Council want to send a message of reassurance to residents. That does not mean, in any way, that it is not going to demolish houses against which demolition orders have been made by the Court, a position confirmed by the Council who made clear that “it will comply at all times with the relevant law and collaborate with other legal departments such as the Public Prosecutor for the Environment.”


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