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Chiclana Ayuntamiento has supplied ChiFRA with information about various events in Chiclana. If you decide to go to any of these events, please remember to wear a mask if you are close to other people.  


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CFRA members can now read Juan Antonio's informative and definitive guide on how to contest a fine imposed by Endesa.

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New Traffic Laws in Spain
Wednesday, 16 March 2022
Legislation to amend Road Traffic Laws in Spain has been approved by the Congress of Deputies
Main amendments to the road traffic laws in Spain Penalty for using a mobile phone whilst driving in Spain Increased from three to six the points for the use of a handheld mobile phone while driving. Since 2016, distractions behind the wheel have been the number one cause of fatal accidents (31%), in 2020. The proliferation of social media, Mobile dependence and immediacy are harmful elements while driving, therefore the penalty points has led to the Spanish authorities increasing the penalty points. Plus a 200 euro fine. More safety for cyclists With an increase in the safety for cyclists in mind, on roads with more than one lane, you must change lane to pass cyclists this is also the same for passing Mopeds. Infractions now incur six penalty points rather than four penalty points when overtaking and endangering or hindering cyclists. For example, without leaving the mandatory minimum separation of 1.5m. The fine remains 200 euros. Throwing objects form your vehicle The penalty points for throwing objects from your car incurs six points rather than four. For Example Cigarettes. Alcohol limit for young drivers in Spain Drivers under the age of 18 using any vehicle (Mopeds, AM license, motorcycles up to 125cc, bicycles and personal mobility vehicles) may not drive with an alcohol level greater than 0, both in blood and air exhaled. Anti-start breathalysers Alcoho-Lock is mandatory for motorcycles and registered road passenger transport vehicles from 6 July 2022. These vehicles are required to have an alcohol ignition interlock.

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