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Serviciode Ayuda a Domicilio
Sunday, 06 February 2022

Andalucia Home help serviceThe Home Help Service is the set of preventive, training, and rehabilitative actions carried out by qualified professionals at home, with the aim of attending to the basic activities of daily life that the person in a situation of dependency needs.

To preserve home help services for dependent people and maintain employment in this work niche, the Extraordinary Plan of Social Action of Andalusia has been approved.

Within the Plan is the Consolidation Program of the Home Help Service, which grants transfers to Local Entities of Andalusia aimed at strengthening the Home Help Service. This is intended to ensure adequate coverage of the needs of the dependent population in an emergency situation or with economic difficulties.

Access to the Home Help Service financed by this Program is through the Community Social Services.

Actions offered by the service. Attention to domestic or household needs: In relation to food: Preparation of food at home. Food delivery service. Purchase of food at the expense of the user. In relation to the dress: Washing clothes at home and outside it. Review and ordering of clothes. Ironing of clothes at home and outside it. Purchase of clothes at the expense of the user. In relation to the maintenance of the dwelling: Daily and general cleaning of the house, except in specific cases of need in which this task will be determined by the technical staff responsible for the service. Small domestic tasks that the person would perform by himself under normal conditions, and that are not the subject of other professions. Actions of a personal nature: Related to personal hygiene: Planning and education of hygiene habits. Grooming and personal hygiene. Help in dressing. Related to intake and eating habits: Help or feed and drink. Food control and education on eating habits. Related to mobility: Help getting up and lying down. Help to make postural changes. Help for mobility within the home. Related to special care: Support in situations of incontinence. Temporal and spatial orientation. Control of the administration of medical treatment in coordination with health teams. Night assistance and accompaniment (sailing). Help in family and social life: Accompaniment inside and outside the home. Support for domestic organization. Leisure activities within the home. Activities to encourage participation in their community and in leisure and leisure activities. It helps the acquisition and development of skills, abilities and personal habits and coexistence. Service intensity. The duration of the service will vary depending on the socio-family situation, the needs of the person in a situation of dependence to make possible their stay in the home and the intensity of the service that corresponds to the person according to their degree of dependence and the compatible services prescribed. Considering the recent elimination of dependency levels, operated by Royal Decree-Law 20/2012, of July 13, the monthly hourly intensities of the service will be adjusted to the following intervals, depending on each case at the time of the entry into force of this modification, on July 15, 2012: For those persons who at the time of the entry into force of the rule already had a recognized degree and level of dependence without having been recognized for the benefit: . Grade III level 2: between 56 and 70 hours/month . Grade III level 1: between 46 and 55 hours/month . Grade II level 2: between 31 and 45 hours/month . Grade II level 1: between 21 and 30 hours/month . Grade I, levels 1 and 2: maximum 20 hours/month* For those who did not have recognized the situation of dependency on that date: . Grade III: between 46 and 70 hours/month . Grade II: between 21 and 45 hours/month . Grade I: maximum 20 hours/month* (*) Effectiveness of the right delayed until July 2015, due to the schedule of progressive application of the Dependency Law. The intensity of the service in cases where it is compatible with the Day Center Service will be a maximum of 22 hours per month, from Monday to Friday, in order to facilitate attendance at the Day Center. Profile of the person for whom it is intended. In order to apply for the Home Help Service, it is necessary that the person in a situation of dependency lives in a private home. Compatibility regime. The Home Help Service will be incompatible with all services and benefits, with the exception of Telecare and the Day Center Service, or failing that, the economic provision linked to this service, in the cases that are determined and with complementary character. In the Individual Care Program of those recognized persons in a situation of Great Dependence or in a situation of Severe Dependence in which the Day Center Service or the economic benefit linked to it and the Home Help Service are established, the intensity of this will be a maximum of 22 hours per month, from Monday to Friday, in order to facilitate their attendance at the Day Center. Criteria for participation in its financing. The participation in the financing of the service by the user is conditioned by their personal economic capacity in the terms provided for in the current provisions.Servu

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