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New Blevins Franks articles
Wednesday, 16 September 2020


 Blevins Franks supply us with interesting articles but the latest two have some very wise words. 

Either the green card or the TIE serves as valid proof of legal residence in Spain. However, it is crucial to understand that obtaining a residence document in itself is not enough to guarantee ongoing freedom of movement and benefits in Spain from 2021.

Note also that in becoming legally resident in Spain, you will very likely also be deemed tax resident and liable for Spanish taxation on a worldwide basis, so it is important to get your tax planning in order. For the best results, take specialist advice about the next steps, ideally before you change residence or transfer assets. 


And again, something that had not occurred to me. Please note that UK advisers may not be authorised to continue advising you as an EU resident after the transition period, so please check with your advisor.  




# Margaret Dickinson 2020-12-06 18:44 Hi I have read on Facebook that in Chiclana if we do not change the green residency card for TIE before 31st December we will have to start the whole residency procedure from scratch ie proving finance etc is this true please?
# Dave Fisher 2020-12-06 21:46 Hi Maragaret,
No, the residencia certificate does not need changing to a TIE as far as the regulations go - at the moment.

The new TIE is a better document than the residencia certificate so I will swap to a TIE in March 2021.


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