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La Longera coronavirus
Friday, 27 March 2020

Health professionals from La Longuera, in Chiclana, test positive for coronavirus 

The Satse union denounces the delay in carrying out the tests and obtaining the results, something that may have caused more infections and calls for measures to prevent the staff of these centres from continuing to work in these conditions. 

 The Satse Nursing Union, in Cádiz, has publicly denounced "the state in which different centres in the province are located, and among them the La Longuera emergency centre", in Chiclana, facing the current health alert.

 As highlighted by the union, in this centre several professionals have already tested positive for coronaviruses, professionals who, in some of the cases, reported symptoms several days ago and were notified on Wednesday of the positive result of their tests.

 "This delay, both in the taking of samples and in the delay in issuing the results, has meant that many of his colleagues have not been isolated with the necessary haste, in order to break the chain of infections," they continue to denounce, stressing that, according to the  data revealed by the Andalusian Government, 21% of positive cases in our community are healthcare. "

 As Satse laments, "We present the highest rate in the entire state. This is as much attributable to the lack of individual protection means, as to the delay in carrying out the diagnostic tests." 


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