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Applying for Spanish Nationality
Friday, 22 November 2019

 This article was written by Richard Appleyard and I would like to thank him for the excellent information. 

1. At the time of making the application you have to have been legally resident in Spain for 10 years continuously
2. Before making the application, you have to pass two exams:
Knowledge of the constitution and sociocultural aspects of Spanish society
Council of Europe Common European Framework of Reference for languages level A2 or higher
These exams are managed by the Instituto Cervantes and you must apply on their web pages. Best to apply 2 months before you want to take them to make sure places are available. We took our exams at the Universidad de Cádiz. Results are usually available 2 months after taking the exams. 


3. You are now ready to apply for nationality and the documents you will need are:
a. Original and scanned copy of passport including all blank pages
b. Certificado del registro central de extranjeros o registro de ciudadanos de la unión europea. What we call “Residencia”
c. Up to date Certificado de empadronamiento (Municipal certificate of residence)
d. UK birth certificate with official translation to Spanish and legalised with the apostille of The Hague
e. Marriage certificate if applicable with official translation to Spanish and legalised with the apostille of The Hague.
f. Criminal record certificate from the UK translated and legalised
g. Diplomas showing that you have passed the exams.
h. Proof of economic viability which can be:
• Work contract with the last three salaries
• Last tax return
• Work history report from the Seguridad Social

4. You can now complete the application. It is much better to do it online at
but you will need a digital certificate. If not, you can get the form at:



5. The form can then be submitted online with digital certificate or temporary

electronic signature- BEST OPTIONS.
Or in person at the Registro Civil (national, regional or local

6. You then have to wait until you receive notification through the web page
or by email. Up until recently the wait has been anything up to 4 years but
the government has implanted a “plan de choque” with the idea of clearing
the large backlog. I have heard of some cases where nationality has been
granted in as little as 4 weeks but that isn’t the norm. The plan is to get it
down to I year. Mine was granted in 18 months approximately.

7. Up to now your costs will have been around 600 euros. If you decide to get
a lawyer or gestor to help you will have to add another 700 euros

8. After the approval of your application you have several more things to do as
a. The “prejura”. Go to te Registro Civil with all your documents where
they will be checked, and you will be given a date for the “Jura de la
Bandera” (Pledge of allegiance). The “Jura de la Bandera” must be
done within 6 months of receiving the notification granting
b. In addition, you will be given a form to complete to get your Spanish
birth certificate which will be used to prepare your DNI and passport.
You will be asked to hand the form in at the Jura de Bandera.
c. The Jura de Bandera takes place in your local Registro Civil and you
will be asked in front of a judge to pledge allegiance to the
constitution etc. In the form you sign you will also be required to
renounce your UK nationality. After the Jura you are officially

9. Around 4 weeks after the Jura you can go to the Registro Civil and collect
your Spanish birth certificate.
NOTE: You will now have two surnames: your father’s name and your
mother’s maiden name. In the case of married women this means that their
married surname will be lost.

10. Once you have the certificate you can make an appointment at the local
Comisaría de la Policía Nacional to get you DNI and passport. They give you
an appointment very quickly -1 day in my case. You have to take your
residencia, an up to date certificado de empadronamiento from the
ayuntamiento and passport size photos. The DNI and passport will be given
to you there and then and you have to pay 40 euros tax.

11. With the DNI you have to go to the social security, tax authority,
ayuntamiento etc. etc… to change all your details.
Richard Appleyard
27 Oct. 19



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