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Those that can, teach!
Sunday, 04 March 2018

So, a slight paraphrasing of the original quote, but the words are very true.  People who can use the English language to a high level, whatever their nationality, are ideal candidates for the teacher training courses we run at Active Language.   

Those that can Teach  

In order to join our Trinity Certificate in TESOL course, you are required to have a C1 level in English - this will be assessed during your interview and through a written task following it. Your use of English is also assessed throughout the course: both in your ability to coherently deliver and reflect on lessons and provide feedback to your peers.  There are also a series of written assignments focussing on different aspects of teaching which will be evaluated both on their content and the quality of the writing.

However, many of you reading this probably have English as your first language and this gives you a certain advantage in terms of dealing with the difficulties of pronunciation in English.  During the course, you'll also learn about other aspects of the language, such as how to teach lexis and grammar, how to develop the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and as well as how to evaluate learners' abilities in these different areas.


To find out more information about the course, check out our website.

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