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July Newsletter
Friday, 28 July 2017

Hi Folks,

Firstly, our thanks to Chris Cody for the gig at the Venta Florentina; our "Age Concern Party Night" raffle swelled our funds and it was good to see everyone dancing. 

We have always had a problem storing items we loan to you; we are now in the "construction phase" of having a brick built store room with water and electricity. The significance of this is that we will be able to store all our items in one place which should make it easier for us to know exactly what we have got, what is "out on loan" and we can do a regular check on the condition of everything. So we have started by making a list of all the different articles we have to loan to people.

Motability Scooters one with shopping trailer, Motorised Wheelchairs, Ordinary Manual Wheelchairs;

Wheelchair with an inbuilt commode, Shower chairs / shower stools, Bath assistance chair;

Walking Aids / Zimmer Frames some have wheels and brakes, other are simple a frame, Crutches and walking sticks, outdoor tripod emergency seat;

Inflatable orthopaedic mattress with pump, Bed backrest, Pull sheet, chair / bed risers (very useful for those who have had hip / knee operations) , bed pans, urinal bottles, Assorted incontinence sheets plus nappies plus personal incontinence pads 

Raised toilet seat (very useful for those who have had hip / knee operations)  

Hearing audio aid, leg splints, ankle splint

Quite a list; and it is thanks to the generosity of the general public that we have such items. We often ask for a deposit on items we load out and if it has helped you then we are pleased to accept donations to our funds.


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