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Urbanisation Past and Present
Saturday, 28 January 2012

 The following history of the urbanisation/electricity issue in Chiclana has been written by Dave Fisher.  He admittedly has taken some poetic license, but that is mostly in his writing style.  The information is accurate (as accurate as it gets around here).  

The History (with a little bit of Artistic licence):

We all currently live in an illegal house, unless it was legal under the 1987 regulations. El Plan General de Ordenación Urbana, (P.G.O.U.), town plans made after 1987 (together with the Area de Gestíon Basica (AGB bylaws) have finally been declared illegal by the Supreme Court in Madrid. What then happened, the Ayuntamiento applied for permission under article 35 of la Ley de Ordenación Urbanística de Andalucía (LOUA) the “Grand Plan” by the Junta de Andalucia) for two years to allow “necessary” planning applications. This has since been approved. In reality this simply allows the Ayuntamiento to continue development while they finish their urbanization plan. It should be stated that houses built with planning permission under the various plans (now annulled) continue to be perfectly legal.

Remember, Chiclana is not the only town with problems; from the Costa del Sol in the south to Galicia in the North West of Spain; from Valencia with their “land grab laws” through the whole of the Costa Blanca there are examples of similar problems.

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Urbanisation Chapter 2 - PGOU 2010
Friday, 06 August 2010

So where are we now?

Well this PGOU town plan is a suggestion, of what the Ayuntamiento would like to see happen; it is not law, it is not backed up by byelaws (the AGB) and it is not cast in stone –yet. So in the background, whilst waiting for peoples “suggestions for amendments” the Ayuntamiento are beavering away at making the bye-laws for this PGOU; look to Christmas at the earliest but probably before the May elections (unless there is bad news to tell)!

So what has changed?

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Urbanisation how we got to be where we are now
Sunday, 18 July 2010

With Artistic licence.

Back in the mid 1990’s the EU decided it would be good for everyone to have drinking water in their homes; coupled with this was the right to have sewerage removed. There were lots of other things in this “Bill of Rights” but for the purposes of this document, I am going to ignore them.

So Spain said to its autonomous regions, “Go forth and make this edict happen”; so the Junta de Andalucia spoke to all its towns and said “Go forth and make a plan” and they called it PGOU (a plan with maps – the AGB is the actual bye-laws). So Chiclana Town council said “OK” and stopped giving out permissions to build anything so they would not have a moving target.

So the plan was born some seven years later; but in that time all the builders, entrepreneurs and sponsors, etc had found ways of “(il)-legally” building new houses. If you go back to Franco’s time, every man was given 5,000 metres and if he could not provide his family with food then he could starve. And if his son got a wife then the father could build them a nice new house in a corner of the 5,000 metres and they could all live on it happily.

Given this fact and that builders still had parcels of land, why not put a road in, divide the plot up and get ten houses built of 500 metres each! Sell them to the unsuspecting good people of the world and hope that the town plan would accommodate all this mess! Of course, having the fines for building less than the cost of the necessary permission just fuelled the fire.   

End of my artistic licence.

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