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Happy Endings
Monday, 08 August 2011

Happy Endings 


Happy Ending-Final Feliz is a registered charity, and is an adoption/foster rescue facility for abandoned dogs. We are situated in El Berrueco, which is in-between Chiclana and Medina Sidonia.
We were founded in 2010 by Margarita Gloersen, we are funded solely by voluntary contributions to provide an acceptable standard of life to abandoned dogs whilst in its care. Happy Ending provides food, shelter and medical care for our rescues until they are adopted.


Our motto: In the heart of every stray, lies the single desire....to be loved.

Our mission and aims are to give each dog whilst in our care:
• A clean and safe living environment.
• A regular nutritious diet.
• Veterinary care when needed.
• To ensure ALL adopted dogs comply with current legislation: spaying/castration, micro chipping and vaccination.
• To match dogs with suitable owners according to the charity's re-homing policy.
• To create through education a better awareness of the needs of dogs in society.

Our volunteers work very hard to earn enough money to keep this charity afloat. Including a Car Boot Sale - every Sunday, situated next to Autoservicio Santa Ana/Venta Casa Curro on the Marquesado road just before the village of Marquesado itself.
Becoming a volunteer
Until our dogs are adopted they spend all day in a run at the kennels.

We desperately need volunteers to help with the following tasks:

What volunteering means to me
Thursday, 18 August 2011

What volunteering means to me by Jan Hill
I became involved with Happy Ending-Final Feliz quite by accident.  My husband found an abandoned puppy just before the rains came in 2009 and if we had left him on the streets he would have drowned.  We kept him from December until February and we managed to re-home him.  Then we found a small puppy called May, alone and living in a deserted garden by us.  She was too young to be left there so I contacted Margarita, who took her in, even though they were full.  May was very vulnerable to the traffic as she was so young and it was thought she was better off, off the streets, she has now been re-homed. 

My next venture was the boy we called Buster, who lived in the same place as May.  He was older and was more streetwise so we decided to leave him there and we would feed and water him and protect him from the ticks that were lurking in the garden with every help from Happy Ending-Final Feliz . Very soon, lots of neighbours were feeding and watering him, but he only wanted me, for some reason.  He went to a foster home, where he was castrated, but that didn´t work out.  Then he came to us. Fortunately we also found a home for him with a colleague of my husband´s but we had to keep him for a few months. He´s very happy and lives a few yards from the beach in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

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