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New Chiclana Urbanisation Plan
Monday, 03 February 2014

The new Chiclana Urbanisation Plan (PGOU - Plan General de Ordenacion Urbano) was approved at a special meeting on Friday 24th January 2014. It will be officially published when it is announced in the Bop de Cadiz. This should happen in the next few days. 

An exhibition of the plans will open this week in the lobby of the Town Hall with members of staff to help answer your questions. You will also be able to use their computer to access the plans. The exhibition will be open 09.30 – 13.30 and 18.00 – 20.00.

We have been told that the full document will soon be available for consultation and download from the Ayuntamiento website. http://www.chiclana.es/

After publication there will be one month to make any objections to the plan.

1987 PGOU
Thursday, 16 February 2012

After the annulment of the 2007 plan and until a new urbanisation plan is in place the Ayuntamiento have to revert to the most recent approved plan. This 1987 plan is the one that is currently in force.

Click here to view a pdf version of it. 

NB:This is a large file 4MB

Chiclana Town Plan - Where are we now?
Friday, 05 August 2011

Chiclana Let’s go back to early May this year a couple of weeks before the most recent local elections. The PSOE was in power and had been for a couple of years.  There was an Urbanisation Plan (the 2007 PGOU) that had been submitted by the Council which had been through all the local procedures.

It was known that there were some technical challenges to the plan and it was likely that it would be annulled so the City Council had prepared a new plan that fixed these errors and changed some areas from white to “urbanisable.” Also, some areas that had been yellow (urbanisable) or yellow and white striped (urbanisable in the next phase) were changed to white (and blue) due mostly to flooding issues.

"Houses built on white land are closer to being granted basic services"
Saturday, 14 May 2011

Source: Diario Bahía de Cádiz 11th May

This is the opinion of the town planning delegate for Chiclana, Cándida Verdier. She explained the action being taken to resolve the problems that homeowners living in illegally built properties - on land not intended for the purposes of building - are currently faced with. She said that a solution allowing people in this predicament access to basic services was 'ever closer'.

"We have reached an agreement for the good of the whole town"
Saturday, 02 April 2011

Source: Diario de Cádiz    1st April 2011

José María Román will today declare, in a meeting of council members, the unanimous support of the town's politicians for the new agreement signed with residents´ groups with regard to the legalisation process. The mayor will make it clear that the legalisation process "will be done at cost price"

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Go-ahead given to “basic services” for houses outside the town plan
Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Source: Diario de Cádiz   23rd March 2011

Los LlanosThe opposition is accusing the PSOE of wanting to deceive homeowners "by telling them that they will be able to gain access to mains electricity and water" whilst Verdier maintains that this is "one more step towards helping homeowners get out of legal limbo".

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