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Want to Sell Your Property? Not Sure About the Legal Position or The Price?
Wednesday, 08 June 2011

You should look to your estate agent to not only give you guidance on a good and realistic selling price for your property in the current market but also to clarify and set out the legal position regards your property paperwork. The legality of properties in Spain has claimed many column inches both here and in the UK press over the past few years and it is a fact that the sale price for a house is directly affected by any legal issues so once you know the position accurately you should be well placed to market and sell your property.

The Rental Dilemma
Wednesday, 11 May 2011

When you buy a holiday property abroad there is always a mental plan and time span for that property.  At Cadizcasa we have often heard “We will keep it until the kids are old enough to go on their own holidays then sell”,  “We will keep it until we retire then sell” or “We will keep it until we have seen all we want of Spain and then sell”.  At one time these were good plans but the world economic crisis has thrown a spanner in the works for many people who bought a holiday home and have reached the end of their 5 or 10 year plan for it.  Selling is taking longer than it used to, prices are low and buyers are difficult to find.

The obvious option is to rent the place out and wait for the tide to turn and things to improve but I find a lot of people are really scared of renting long term or doing holiday lets. They tell me horror stories about people who have rented and had problems and how they have been warned by friends about the legal dangers of renting in Spain. Our advice is, If you are thinking of renting your property in the Costa de la Luz, don't listen to stories come and talk it through first with us at Cadizcasa Estate Agents.

Beautiful Andalucía
Learn to Teach English
Friday, 01 June 2018

 SunsetI know we don’t need to tell you how beautiful this corner of Andalucíais, with its shaded squares, kilometres of glorious beaches and breathtaking views of the sunset. And I’m sure as well you’ve got plenty of friends abroad, perhaps back in the dreary UK, who you regale with stories of the heat, the refreshing beers on a sunny afternoon and the pleasure of a dip in the ocean when it gets too hot.

 Beautiful Cádiz Square

If you have friends who are thinking of making the move to warmer climes, but need to support themselves financially at the same time, an accredited teaching qualification could be just what they need. Our Trinity Certificate in TESOL is an internationally recognised teacher training course, so whether they’re thinking of joining you in Chiclana, or spreading their wings and flying further afield, this lifelong qualification is valid around the world.

Active Language hosts TEFL del Sur - 5th May
Learn to Teach English
Saturday, 28 April 2018


Teaching is so much more than that initial qualification and although a pre-service course, such as the Trinity Certificate in TESOL, will set you in good stead for your first teaching role, it’s essential to continue developing your skills.

Active Language have always played a keen role in professional development and our trainers speak at ELT events around Spain and internationally. We very excited to be hosting the next TEFL del Sur event on Saturday 5th May and it promisesto be a morning filled with ideas, takeaways and networking opportunities.

TEFL del Sur was in fact founded by Active Language staff seven years ago and so the association holds a very special place in our hearts. As opposed to some larger regional and national teaching organisations, TEFL del Sur is very much aimed at teachers as individuals, rather than school owners and their events, which take place three times during the academic year, are a great opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, both for business and pleasure. The morning always finishes with refreshments in a local bar, which gives attendees plentyof chance to chat. 

It would be great to see you at the event! 


Those that can, teach!
Learn to Teach English
Sunday, 04 March 2018

So, a slight paraphrasing of the original quote, but the words are very true.  People who can use the English language to a high level, whatever their nationality, are ideal candidates for the teacher training courses we run at Active Language.   

Those that can Teach  

In order to join our Trinity Certificate in TESOL course, you are required to have a C1 level in English - this will be assessed during your interview and through a written task following it. Your use of English is also assessed throughout the course: both in your ability to coherently deliver and reflect on lessons and provide feedback to your peers.  There are also a series of written assignments focussing on different aspects of teaching which will be evaluated both on their content and the quality of the writing.

However, many of you reading this probably have English as your first language and this gives you a certain advantage in terms of dealing with the difficulties of pronunciation in English.  During the course, you'll also learn about other aspects of the language, such as how to teach lexis and grammar, how to develop the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and as well as how to evaluate learners' abilities in these different areas.


To find out more information about the course, check out our website.

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