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´Time to Change Out-Dated Planning Laws to Meet Modern Needs'
Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Source: Diario de Cádiz - 25.06.10 Translated by Vicky Atherton

Jesus JordanoFor Jesús Jordano, Professor of Administrative Law, the time has come to leave behind the old model of town planning and modify it to better suit the needs of a vastly changed landscape. The old agrarian model, which favoured farming and cultivation of the land over the building of houses, was, according to Jordano, “brought over from Castille, from the rural Spain of the 1950's, surrounded by wasteland." Jordano believes that, due to its outdated nature, it fails to meet the needs of the many towns and cities in the modern Spain of the present day.

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Mayor Outlines Pioneering New Plan to 'Standardise' 10,500 Houses
Monday, 28 June 2010

Source: Diario de Cádiz - 25.06.10 Translated by Vicky Atherton

Mayor Roman' An enormously powerful process ' was the way in which the mayor of Chiclana town, José María Román, described the implementation of a plan to standardise houses within an area of approximately 18 million square metres with the aim of providing basic services such as mains water, electricity and drainage to 10,500 homes.

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The Junta Aims to ´Wipe the Slate Clean´ of Illegal Building
Monday, 28 June 2010

Source: Diario de Cádiz - 25.06.10 Translated by Vicky Atherton

seminarThe Junta is proposing 'practical solutions and generous treatment' for the 300,000 illegal houses which currently exist throughout the whole of Andalucia. The Junta plans to bring these houses into line wherever possible upon payment of all fees and to forbid the construction of houses without the necessary permission.
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Pioneering Voluntary Legalisation Scheme Launched In Chiclana
Saturday, 01 May 2010

Source: Diario Bahia de Cadiz  Translated by Victoria Atherton

Tuesday 27 April saw the publication of the controversial plan to legalise homes in and around the town of Chiclana. There are thought to be some 15,000 illegal houses in the area. From now on residents of the town who wish to do so can begin a process which will see them able to benefit from basic services such as mains drainage and drinking water and a sewerage system.

New AGB Plans Document
Tuesday, 06 April 2010

REFORMA DE LA ORDENANZA MUNICIPAL REGULADORA DEL PROCESO DE EJECUCIÓN URBANÍSTICA EN LAS ÁREAS DE GESTIÓN BÁSICA DEL PLAN GENERAL DE CHICLANA This document is available in Spanish only.  To download the pdf of this document first make sure you are logged in and then click the  read more link below.

Some parts of it have been explained in English in the Urbanisation Process Document that you can read here.  (Again you will need to be logged in to view it.)

Urbanisation Process Document
Tuesday, 06 April 2010

This is the document  presented at the ChiFRA Urbanisation information meeting on April 6th by Juan Antonio from Temple Cambria.  ChiFRA members please log in to read the whole document on screen and/or to download a pdf version of the document: PROCESO DE REGULARIZACIÓN DE VIVIENDAS

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